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Resident Interface Newsletter 2022 – Q4

Possession Partner hits the West Coast

While our new Possession Partner platform is being rapidly adopted in the multifamily industry, I’m thrilled to announce its release in California at the start of 2023. This is welcome news for owner/operators in the Golden State, which faces frequent moratoriums and adjustments to its eviction laws on the city, county and statewide levels. Keeping track can be a massive and sometimes impossible undertaking for property managers, and there’s no need to place that burden onto onsite teams.

Los Angeles County is set to end its eviction moratorium at the end of January 2023 after years of extensions.
But, there’s also a proposal that would forbid the filing of the eviction if
the resident is only one month behind on their rent. This is just one change in
one city expected over the next several months. Numerous other changes could be seen in California in the coming months, and Possession Partner is monitoring these adjustments.


Jeff Gartland

We are again announcing Mikel Persky-Hassman as your Possession Partner strategic executive in California. Mikel brings more than 30 years of experience in sales and onsite multifamily on both the residential and supplier-partner sides. She can help you with all of your questions about how to speed up the eviction process for your portfolio.

The implementation of Possession Partner means that owners won’t need to concern themselves with which eviction laws or regulations apply to which property, regardless of where it’s located. (Possession Partner is currently live in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee and Texas.) Since its introduction six months ago, Possession Partner has partnered with over 200,000 units for top owner/operators across the United States. More and more companies understand that Possession Partner is the key to streamlining and speeding up the eviction process. This is no easy task – Possession Partner is the only end-to-end solution that handles the entire eviction process from log-in to completion! 

 This is a critical time for evictions, and Possession Partner is excited to be able to serve the multifamily industry to automate this extremely difficult and time-consuming process. With the integration of Possession Partner into your portfolio, you not only have transparency and insight into your evictions, but you’ll have access to the tools to help residents get back on track and prevent evictions when needed.

President, Resident Interface Jeff Gartland

RI staff represented in a BIG way at OPTECH in Las Vegas!

The Sales and Marketing team attended OPTECH in Las Vegas. The team met with association staff and prospects while highlighting our delinquency management services, including Resident Advocate, Possession Partner, Resident PreCollect, and our legacy brand Hunter Warfield. Thanks for a memorable week in Las Vegas! 


Resident Interface, the only comprehensive digital revenue recovery management solution designed for larger portfolio rental housing companies, announced in October that the number of units utilizing its eviction management system has sky-rocketed to over 200,000 just six months after its introduction! Dozens of multifamily owner/operators are in various stages of activation or currently filing using the system.

Possession Partner was rolled out in five states — Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Maryland — in April 2022, and will roll out services in January 2023 in California, where eviction moratoriums have been extended repeatedly. 

Possession Partner is a full-service digital eviction case management system, featuring pioneering software and experienced attorneys that represent you, the client, to deliver streamlined case processing and significant time savings. Possession Partner ensures eviction compliance through an organized, consistent and transparent process, and it lifts the eviction management burden from property teams. The system offers clear and transparent visibility into every step of the eviction process.

 We’re Your Digital Key to Effortless Evictions and Efficient Collections!


Too Many Steps Leaves Many Chances to Drop the Ball

With more than a dozen steps required and so many different rules by state, county, and metropolitan region, it’s important to have an expert who knows all requirements and can help meet eviction obligations legally and on time. Up until now, companies have had to rely on team members, legal counsel, or a combination of the two to try and tackle this complicated process. And if anyone drops the ball, the financial consequences can be significant. Resident Interface is revolutionizing this process.

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Another Day, Another Dollar

Accuracy and timing are pillars when it comes to evictions. Courts give a little leeway for error and only meet on certain days. Any missteps along the way can translate to unfavorable rulings and delays that produce a greater amount of lost revenue. With this limited time frame, it’s vital that representatives of the community are in the courtroom and all documentation is correctly filled out.

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