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Property Management Companies are going to need to reinvent the wheel to alleviate the tasks associated with eviction management at the property level.


Author: Stephen Sobota, Founder & CEO – April 12, 2022

Luckily our team has devised a solution that is easy to implement.

When Hunter Warfield sought to rebrand its business as Resident Interface, a company that now helps both residents and property managers tackle the turbulence of rent delinquency from the beginning stages and of eviction management services when eviction filing becomes the next unavoidable step.

Changes within the multifamily industry are occurring at a heightened pace. These changes are driven by self-examination of the way business is being done in this sector of the economy, which has been highlighted by the pandemic, various legislative initiatives, The Great Resignation, and other employment challenges.

Rent delinquency is typically factored into budgets by owners/operators, but they carry costs that can improve the bottom line. There are different processes properties can take with residents who are struggling economically and cannot pay their rent, leading to better outcomes for the property and the residents.

Our goal at Resident Interface is to educate operators on all the opportunities to speed up outcomes and increase NOI (Net Operating Income) and provide visibility into an eviction process that has been a black hole in the industry for decades.

Resident Interface is the culmination of a 25-year search by Hunter Warfield to find services that would complement the company’s best in class debt collection services. Advancements in technology and an increased need for help with delinquencies led us to expand our service offering and create this new brand.

With the birth of Resident Interface, the property operators now have access to a state-of-the-art software platform and the necessary tools to minimize the financial consequences associated with delinquency and evictions. Resident Interface’s platform can also provide actionable steps to provide alternatives that work for residents, the communities, and owners/operators.

We take what has been an inconsistent process, hidden from view by most in an operator’s organization and add consistency, transparency, and expedited outcomes. Management of this task is transferred to delinquency and legal experts ready to address any situation that may arise.

One of the challenges that owners/operators face when it comes to rental delinquency is the lack of a universal approach. Rules and regulations vary not just at the state level, but down to counties and even individual courthouses. What works in Broward County, Fla., will not necessarily work in Calvert County, Md. Even courthouses within the same county may have judges that are looking at the process differently.

With rent collection costs and time spent trying to collect money already high, owners/operators cannot afford mistakes or other events that delay the process. Resident Interface works with expert eviction attorneys on a local level to make sure paperwork is properly prepared, processed and filed to avoid any costly errors.

The benefits Resident Interface’s services are not limited to the legal side of the process. Property managers and their on-site staff have many responsibilities at their properties to keep occupancy high, ensure good resident service and maximize the property’s NOI. Collecting rents can be a laborious and time-consuming task for property managers when renters do not pay their rents when due each month. Furthermore, collection efforts are diametrically opposed to the staff’s primary customer service and satisfaction focus, designed to strengthen resident relationships and length of tenancy, and instead create uncomfortable, adversarial interactions.

By providing managers with the tools to expedite the process and handing over key tasks to experts trained to handle these situations, it removes the associated stress from a property’s staff. This allows them to spend more time focused on property performance and resident satisfaction. 

Through our innovative software platform, experienced eviction attorney partners, comprehensive rent collection and eviction services, Resident Interface allows property operators to minimize lost rent and delinquencies, while providing consistency and never seen transparency into the key metrics and outcomes on this critical part of property operations.

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