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Introducing Possession Partner

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Eviction Management Made Easy!

Evicting a resident is not an easy matter, and every state has different rules and guidelines that, if not handled exactly to form, can result in the property owner’s case being dismissed. From the notice to pay or quit, to hiring an attorney, and going through the unlawful detainer process—you need to avoid the common mistakes property owners and managers make to give yourself the best chance to win your case in court.

  • Self-help eviction: the single biggest mistake property owners and managers make is engaging in what is known as a “self-help eviction.” The only way to legally extinguish rights in the property is by a court order.
  • Inadequate notice: generally, before you can file for an eviction, you have to provide the resident with such a notice to give them an opportunity to cure the problem or leave the property and, should they fail to comply, only then can you file your action to evict.
  • No evidence: failing to provide this evidence to the court could result in you having to start your case all over again and the resident getting to spend weeks or months more in your property, possibly without paying you any rent.
  • Failing to have an eviction attorney: few property owners and managers are truly qualified to handle their own evictions. There are just too many small mistakes that could come back to bite you, in delays and in lost rent.

When it comes to the eviction process, speed, compliance, and transparency are key. At Resident Interface, we believe in doing things not just any way, but the right way.

Offering a full-service eviction management solution, Possession Partner provides consistency and ease every step of the way – from notice to eviction. We work with best-in-class attorneys to prepare and file the necessary documents, then keep you informed of the progress of your case with regular status updates and communications.

Here’s how we do it:

Due Diligence. 

We document what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, and who has the responsibility to act through all stages of an eviction.


We coordinate the communications, paperwork, and filing between the property, our expert eviction attorneys, and the court.


With a team dedicated to keeping you informed and your process on track, we document what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, and who has the responsibility to act through all stages of an eviction.


Our simple interface keeps you up-to-date on our progress with your case, providing visibility and tracking of every action at every step portfolio-wide.

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