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Another Day, Another Dollar

Accuracy and timing are pillars when it comes to evictions. Ensuring that documents are filled out correctly and filed according to a specific jurisdiction’s timeline is critical to completing the process successfully and on time. Courts give a little leeway for error and any missteps along the way can translate to unfavorable rulings and delays that produce a greater amount of lost revenue.

Depending on the state and the jurisdiction, eviction courts may now meet only on specific days. With this limited time frame, it’s vital that representatives of the community are in the courtroom and all documentation is correctly filled out.

For example, if the court only hears evictions on Wednesday and the case can’t be heard that day, that means it will be – at a minimum – another week before the eviction case can be heard again. On top of costly legal counsel and court filing fees, owners/operators continue to house a resident who is not paying rent. When you apply this loss to several units across a portfolio, the revenue loss may be astronomical.

During the pandemic, the federal government offered protection for renters and assistance for owners/operators that were haphazardly managed. The CARES Act also issued new requirements that may complicate eviction compliance even further, depending on the property or the situation. Those regulations will have an additional effect on any filing made in court. Owners/operators, property managers, and on-site associates face a greater number of rules and scrutiny than ever before, which means that every “t” needs to be crossed and every “i” dotted without error.

With so many crucial factors involved and net operating income being affected by delinquent renters maintaining possession of units, owners/operators can mitigate the risk by removing the eviction process from the plates of property management and exploring third-party services whose focus is to know and effectively navigate the continually shifting requirements of eviction services. Eviction management software places all eviction documents in a central location that can be accessed by owners/operators and their legal representatives to ensure that all information in the file matches the fillings in a court document, significantly reducing the chances for error and delays.

Access to communication is a valuable tool for dealing with the complexity of evictions. There’s less of a chance that an error will occur when utilizing a centralized process. This makes it easy for a company to get easy access to the progress of each eviction at any point, adding transparency. This streamlining of the process saves time, allows on-site teams to generate income instead of chasing delinquencies, and reduces costs associated with errors.

Eviction management is an important task in anyone’s portfolio, and the complicated tasks involved require a legal staff with access to the appropriate software, not up to your management teams.

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