Delinquent rent is a costly distraction for multifamily property managers. Legal expenses. Court fees. Reduced working capital. Unproductive staff time. Lost rent. And ultimately the unfortunate costs of turning over a unit through eviction. These costs are a painful reality of multifamily management, particularly in affordable housing, where delinquency rates commonly exceed 20%.

No one wants to evict tenants; however, here’s a dirty little secret: The more consistently you pursue evictions, the fewer you get. Furthermore, for every 100 delinquent tenants put into the eviction process with a late rent notice, less than 2 actually end in eviction. It’s primarily a collection process.

ClickNotices is the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of court services to the multifamily industry. Our web platform and expert staff offload the administrative burden of tenant court proceedings. We are proud to help our clients minimize delinquencies, assure legal compliance, and simplify workloads. Every month, ClickNotices manages thousands of cases for its multifamily clients.

Through a long history of managing court filings, ClickNotices found that the most effective tool to minimize delinquencies is a disciplined and automatic filing process. Accommodating late rent ironically does no one a favor. It simply reinforces unwanted behavior. Even worse, once delinquent balances exceed two months, it’s typically too late for tenants to catch up. By contrast, when property managers adhere to regimented procedures (and everyone knows the rules), delinquencies AND evictions come down.

A disciplined late rent process is only a few clicks away. ClickNotices handles the court forms, filings, tenant notifications, government fees, and even attends court hearings for you.