In our previous blog post, we talked about Courtesy Notices and how they can be used. At this point, what is there left to do prior to starting court proceedings? 

The final notice step you can give before beginning the eviction process is a Legal Notice. This specialty notice is a legally required step in many states in jurisdictions prior to any further legal action. 

The goal of our Legal Notices is to reduce the burden of generating and distributing legally required notices to overdue residents and to maintain compliance by implementing a consistent process. 

Our Legal Notices are automatically generated and delivered based on your process and jurisdictional requirements. We provide delivery via a pdf for posting, first class mail, and certified mail. 

We make sure that we are following your state law’s and using the appropriate notices. This is extremely important because if you do end up proceeding with court filings, the judge will look closely at this form. If any part of the notice is filled out incorrectly, most judges will throw away the case. Incorrectly filling out the notice will make it invalid and you will need to start the process again from the beginning or even prevent you from requesting that month’s rent again. 

By allowing us to issue your legal notices, you can spend your time focusing on other things, like managing your property. We also provide that extra peace of mind to ensure compliance with all fair housing regulations. Your executive team can have the peace of mind that legal requirements are being met consistently across the portfolio.