One of the many services we offer our customers are digital notices. Digital notices are customized text messages and emails sent out to remind your residents of rent payments before the date has passed. These are meant to serve as a friendly reminder to pay rent prior to more formal and legal processes in the delinquency cycle. 

What is their goal? 

To provide advanced, non-legal notice that rent is due via technology to encourage payment prior to more costly options. By communicating in a more relaxed, convenient way, this gives the resident an opportunity to bring their overdue rent to a current status. 

How are they executed? 

Customized text messages and emails are sent to let residents know they are late on their rent and how much they owe. These are automatically generated when based off your predefined settings and can be changed at any time. 

What are their benefits? 

Reminding residents that rent is due and continuing to request payment will help foster an expectation of increased communication with residents. By communicating more often and in different ways, you are letting your residents know you are paying attention, as well as there to help them. A better relationship with your residents will hopefully lead to earlier payment and a decrease in cost of legal services.