Here at ClickNotices – as we expand our footprint to serve a growing number of residential and commercial property management firms –  we always strive to be on the cutting edge to ensure that we are delivering the most efficient way possible to manage delinquencies.

We are pleased to announce that ClickNotices is now available in the RealPage Onesite App Exchange!

ClickNotices’ official integration with RealPage allows us to further enhance and streamline the delinquency management process by connecting directly to the Onesite property management system to:

  • Download Rent Rolls
  • Ingest Delinquency Reports and AR Balances
  • Update Activity Information
  • Post Back Legal Fee charges

These features are enabled by simply subscribing to the ClickNotices software in the RealPage App Exchange for your desired properties.  No users to setup, or permissions to configure.

If you are using another property management system other than RealPage, check our integrations page – chances are high that we can bring the same efficiencies to you!