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As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on our economy and our health, it also profoundly affects the livelihood of landlords across the country. With new efforts to maintain social distancing, trying to show your rental property to prospective new tenants might seem like a daunting and risky task. In a recent survey 40% of property managers identified showing units as one of the most challenging workflows to complete remotely. While today’s climate brings new challenges to the property […]

LaTonya is an Account Manager at ClickNotices. As an account manager, LaTonya deals with all facets of the company. Whether it is training a new client on how to utilize the platform, troubleshooting errors, tracking judgments, or checking in on her clients, you can be sure LaTonya is using her superior customer service, and problem-solving […]

If you’re interested in joining the Property Management industry or have just joined the industry, knowing the various terms associated with it is extremely helpful. These terms apply to Property Management and rental situations. Read through this glossary to see if you are familiar with all these terms.  Accounts Receivable (AR): in the context of property management, these are the […]

In June of 2019, New York state put into place new rent legislation known as the “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019”, creating the most significant changes to Landlord-Tenant law in New York in almost a century. These new laws make difficult and expensive for landlords and property managers across the state to comply with its new regulations, further raising administrative costs and making it harder for low-income residents to obtain housing throughout the state.  One […]

ClickNotices was recently featured in an article by City Lab, a media company run by Bloomberg. The article, titled “Landlords Are Using Next-Generation Eviction Tech,” written by Kriston Capps, takes a deep dive into the importance of eviction technology in property management today.   The article begins by discussing the new laws that guarantee legal representation to tenants facing eviction. Specifically, New York passed a suite […]

Online reviews can either make or break your business! Potential residents almost always search for a property, company or building before considering moving in, and too many bad reviews could stop them from giving you any consideration. Even the best property managers are vulnerable to the occasional bad review. Sometimes, the review could be filled with false information and slander […]

The days of property managers writing out and sending late notices to their residents should be over!  Late rent payments are an unavoidable part of the rental business and one of the most difficult to manage. Delayed payments can affect your income, lower property value, and waste your valuable time as you work to chase down rent.  With help from a delinquency management software, you can supplement your personal efforts to collect and improve your […]