The ClickNotices Story


We were founded by Toyin Bello, a Nigerian immigrant who came to this country 25 years ago. Dr. Bello is a software entrepreneur who previously founded and successfully sold Softech Systems, a software development firm that assisted government agencies with application development and integration.  Our company began in 2010 as a response to Dr. Bello’s frustration at managing his portfolio of multifamily units. Dr. Bello found himself overwhelmed with managing delinquent rent, specifically the burden of filing and monitoring cases in landlord-tenant court.  He saw an opportunity to leverage his software development expertise and transform the filing experience. Today, we manage late rent cases for hundreds of thousands of apartment units across the United States, including many of the largest affordable housing managers in the country.  We are based in Annapolis, MD.


Do you offer services in my state?
ClickNotices grows every day, and we offer services in every state. We provide full-service solutions in an ever-growing number of states. Contact us for details on what we can do for you!
Are we attorneys?
No. Though we partner with attorneys where necessary, we do not operate as a Law Firm or provide any legal advice.
Do you send your notices automatically based on a set criteria, or do my property managers have to push a button?
You can choose to do one or the other. It's easier and faster for an automated solution, but if you prefer to select residents to remove, that's available as well.
What does ClickNotices Cost?
While we use a pay-per-use model, most of our pricing is volume and location-based. A short discovery call with our sales team will give us the information we need to give a pricing quote.
Can I charge back the ClickNotices fee to my residents?
You certainly can, in fact, in most cases, we can do it for you! Our integration with Property Management software allows us to not only pull the ledger and rent roll info but also push back our fee directly to our resident ledger. This feature is a real crowd pleaser on the corporate and site-level because it not only saves a ton of time but also ensures 100% accuracy in these chargebacks.
Can ClickNotices deliver other types of tenant outreach besides legal notices?
Yes! Our software can easily be used to send all of your tenant mailings such as lease renewals, rent increase letters, rent reminders, etc.
Is my property effected by the CARES Act 30-Day Notice requirement?
Approximately one-third of all multifamily units were affected by the eviction moratorium. Our team can ensure your properties are following the appropriate guidelines.